Event: Machine Learning for Art and Music Generation (Bengaluru)

We are at a special age of technology where, the ease of creating, distributing and collaborating has led to tremendous creative minds being born in their living rooms. Are you a musician, developer, artist, producer, designer, researcher or neither of them, but heavily motivated in the intersection of music and technology? Then this is for... Continue Reading →


The kick-off event

And so it begins. We organized a community kick off event at Bengaluru, to bring together all people interested in music technology. We had around 30 enthusiasts come together at the coworking space 91Springboard Bengaluru. We were a healthy mix of developers, artists, hobbyists and musicians.   There were a couple of aims in organizing... Continue Reading →

The Beginnings…

Are you a musician who is interested in using the latest technologies in your own unique way? Are you an engineer who is interested in developing some innovative tools for learning, creation or consumption of music? Are you just a curious listener and is amazed by the possibilities of the sounds around us? Music technology... Continue Reading →

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